Y Type Actuated Flush Bottom Valves

Y Type Actuated Flush Bottom Valves

Pneumaticcylinders are used to automate the working of the “IVE” Y Type Flush Bottom Valves. Liquid &Slurry can be drained off remotely and with minimum labor. “IVE” offers pneumatic cylinders with Single acting (fail safe) design and Double acting (stay-put) design.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automate liquid drain operation, minimize the labor.
  • Automation accessories such as solenoid, limit switches, positioner offer as option. Precise control over important process parameters.
  • Valves available in the range of 15 NB to 250 NB and in BS, ANSI, DIN, standards.
  • Available in the design of Jacketed, Lined and also for the Sanitary application.
  • Manual override provided for safety and emergency.
  • Casted and fabricated in all available metallurgy, Carbon Steel, S.S 304, S.S 316, S.S 304L, S.S 316L, Alloy 20, Hast alloy and as per special specifications.
  • Conical Metal to Metal disc seating/ PTFE seating with option of fixed or Renewable seat. Further metal seating can be hard faced by Stellite TM where distortion of seat by aggressive liquid or slurry is common.
  • Outlet discharge angle available in 45°and can also be tailored made to 60°.
  • IVE Flush Bottom vales can also be provided with the temperature sensors to measure the temperature in the vessel.
  • Bolted Stuffing Box (Gland), easily adjustable & with Repackable service.


Y Type Actuated Flush Bottom Valves
Y Type Actuated Flush Bottom Valves