Y Type Jacketed Flush Bottom Valves

Y Type Jacketed Flush Bottom Valves

The liquid or slurry which changes the state while passing through the valve can be handle smoothly with the jacketed flush bottom valves.

Steam, Oil or Water can be circulated in the jacket for heating or cooling of the liquid or slurry passing through the valve.

Key Features and Benefits

  • IVE- Jacketed Flush Bottom Valves available in C.S or S.S Jacket for uniform heating or cooling.
  • Heating, Cooling and drain nozzle can be screwed or flanged design.
  • Unique design of IVE flush bottom valves assure “Zero- Hold Up” in the bottom pad of the tank. And facilitate the free flow and quick discharge of the liquid or slurry through the valves.
  • Available in both designs, Disc Opening in to the tank and Disc Lowering in to the valve.
  • Valves available in the range of 25 NB to 150 NB and in BS, ANSI, DIN, standards.
  • Valves can be operated manually as well as pneumatically.
  • Flush Bottom valves can also be provided with the temperature sensors to measure the temperature in the vessel.
  • Outlet discharge angle available in 450and can also be tailored made to 600.
  • Casted and fabricated in all available metallurgy, Carbon Steel, S.S 304, S.S 316, S.S 304L, S.S 316L, Alloy 20, Hast alloy and as per special specifications.
  • Conical Metal to Metal disc seating/ PTFE seating with option of fixed or Renewable seat. Further metal seating can be hard faced by Stellite TM where distortion of seat by aggressive liquid or slurry is common.
  • Bolted Stuffing Box (Gland), easily adjustable & with Repackable service.
  • Rinsing & Non Rinsing stem with outside ACME thread.