PTFE Lined Flush Bottom Valves – Y Type

Lined Flush Bottom Valves - Y Type

FEP / PFA  Lined Flush Bottom Valves have 3 to 5 mm thick flouro polymers lining which is Anti corrosive as well as food grade. Lined Flush Bottom Valves found wide application in Chemical as well as pharmaceutical Industries. Fluoropolymers are inert to almost major acids and alkalis and gives longer working life.

“IVE” flush bottom valves also offered with ECTFE / ETFE and different anti corrosive coating, instead of FEP and PFA lining. Coated valves have coating thickness of 800 to 1000 micron.

Key Features and Benefits

  • “IVE” flush bottom valves suitable for corrosive as well as food grade application.
  • FEP/ PFA lining available up to 5mm thick. Tested up to 10 KVA.
  • ECTFE/ETFE/ Xylan coating available up to 1000 micron. Tested up to 5 KVA.
  • Available in both designs, Disc Opening in to the tank (vessel opening design)and Disc Lowering (inside valve opening design) in to the valve.
  • Valves available in the range of 15 NB to 150 NB and in BS, ANSI, DIN, standards.
  • Operation of flush bottom valve can be automated with pneumatic cylinder and useful accessories.
  • Outlet discharge angle available in 450C.
  • Bolted Stuffing Box (Gland), easily adjustable & with Repackable service. Rinsing & Non Rinsing stem with outside ACME thread.